The growing need for ePRO-Diary in COVID pandemic times


The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is by far the worst global crisis of our times and the greatest challenge to humanity. Since its emergence in China late last year, the virus has spread to just about every country.

In the past few weeks, we have crossed the tragic milestone of one million deaths and the count just keeps increasing with no sign of plateauing. 

This unprecendented nature of the virus attack has put the pharmaceutical and clinical research organisations (CRO) industry in a race against time to find solutions to the problem. A lot of research by top pharma companies across the globe is taking place on a number of primary/secondary objectives like reducing deaths, reducing symptom severity, reducing the duration of the sickness etc.

While there is no cure or vaccine released yet, the pressure is building on pharmaceutical and CROs to conduct more research in accelerated formats for a quicker drug discovery. With coronavirus being highly contagious, researchers are finding it difficult to conduct clinical trials on COVID postive patients. This is where Acquven's ePRO-Diary software is proving very useful which not just enables contactless patient information being transferred to researchers but also for researchers to centrally monitor patient health and avoid further degradation of the illness.

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