Manage employee CVs and JDs in the cloud


Clinical Research Organisations and Pharmaceutical/Sponsor company employees should be qualified to do the job by education, training, and experience. For this very reason, companies maintain training documents of each employee since they join till long after their exit. To substantiate ‘education’ and ‘training’, one also maintains the Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Job Description (JD) of each employee within the same training file.

If you are reading this blog, chances are - you too are maintaining these documents in paper format and re-create / re-print / re-sign these documents on each promotion or role change. Because one is unsure of destroying the previous versions, one would most likely make a folder for older versions of each training document in the training file.

Having heard about these problems a number of times from our customers we came up with an effective way to manage CVs and JDs of employees. Acquven LMS includes CV and JD modules so that your employees can easily create and manage their own CVs and JDs seamlessly without having to worry about finding the latest templates. Acquven LMS also triggers notifications to managers and employees when it’s time to sign those documents with an e-signature and sends out escalation emails if anything goes overdue.